Treacle Market
This is an exemplar design I created to inspire my students who were creating laser cut products to sell to raise money for charity at the Treacle Market in Macclesfield. I created the design for the earrings using Techsoft 2D Design, they are lasercut from 3mm plywood and wood stained and varnished. The box has been created through origami folding and does not require any glue. The earring holder packaging has been created using photoshop. 
Stamp Making
I created these stamps to use whilst selling products made by the students at the Treacle Market in Macclesfield. All funds raised were donated to charity. To create the stamps I used foam and laser etched the design into the surface, I created the design for the stamp using Techsoft 2D Design. Then the stamps were mounted onto chipboard to create a stable surface for printing. 
Box with Ribbon
The following are a range of boxes I created to experiment with different types of packaging nets and finishes. 
Slider Box
Folding Box
Tall Box

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