I have designed a range of cards which are currently being sold exclusively on Thortful.com
If you would like to purchase any of the designs, please use the links provided.
The Wedding Anniversary Collection
Wedding anniversary cards for years 1-10. Scroll down for individuals spotlights on each design!
The Pea Collection
A collection dedicated to my love of peas! Whether you want to say happy birthday, thank you or I love you, there is a pea for every occasion. ​​​​​​​
The Rude Brass Collection
Perfect for naughty music lovers in love!
Good Gourd, it's your Birthday card
Perfect for someone with a Birthday during autumn, at Halloween or just someone who loves spooky season!
Merry Birthmas Christmas Birthday Card
Perfect for a friend or loved one with a birthday close to Christmas.
Good Luck Clover Encouragement Card
Send your loved one good luck with this cute good luck clover card. Perfect to send loved ones who are needing some support when starting their new job or heading to an interview!
Congratulations! You're a Grandparent Card
Send to a loved one to congratulate them on becoming grandparents. 
Paper 1st Wedding Anniversary Card
On your first-ever anniversary, paper represents the traditional gift. The threads within paper symbolize the strength and connectivity of your blossoming relationship. Paper is also a blank slate, a reference to the beginnings of a new life together. And since paper symbolizes a clean canvas to write out your own story, have your very first wedding anniversary gift speak to that with things like a cookbook for newly-weds, a custom illustration of the two of you, or tickets to special events that will add to that story.
Cotton 2nd Anniversary Card
The second wedding anniversary is all about recognizing the maturation of your relationship together. Traditionally, cotton is the gift of choice as each fibre represents two people that have become interwoven with one another.
Leather Happy 3rd Anniversary Card
Third time's the charm! By this point in your marriage, the two of you have definitely seen some things and you're all the stronger for it. That's precisely why leather is the traditional third-anniversary gift of choice. Rich and rugged, leather is both durable and protective, like a fortified hide that no longer succumbs to weakness.
Fruits and Flowers 4th Anniversary Card
After four years your relationship is blossoming and ripening into maturity, just like the traditional gift of fruit or flowers. For something sweet and sentimental, have your florist recreate the same bouquet from your wedding day or carve out some time to plant a garden together.
Wood 5th Anniversary Card
Cheers to making it halfway to a decade! For this marriage milestone, couples traditionally gift each other wood. This reflects the strength and durability of your marriage, as well as the strong eternal roots you're putting down.​​​​​​​
Iron 6th Anniversary Card
Six years together and enjoying every minute of it. This marriage anniversary is all about iron, with all of its strength, attests to the rock-solid marriage that you have built.
Wool 7th Anniversary Card
By the seventh year, you've no doubt learned to take things in stride. The traditional gift calls for wool. Wool is an insulator of warmth just like that which radiates through your relationship.​​​​​​​
Salt 8th Anniversary Card
Couples may, at this point, be ‘getting their feet under the table’ but this celebration represents an opportunity to consider the many qualities of a seemingly ‘humble’ seasoning that capture the essence of a healthy and fulfilling relationship.
Pottery 9th Anniversary Card
The meaning behind pottery as a symbol for your nine year marriage is clear. With time, attention to detail, and careful moulding, your love has taken on the shape of something unique and beautiful. 
Tin 10th Anniversary Card
The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin, symbolising how a successful marriage needs to be flexible and stable, and able to be bent without being broken.​​​​​​​
Steel 11th Wedding Anniversary Card
Be steel my beating heart! Let them know they still make your heart race!
Silk 12th Wedding Anniversary Card
Silk is the traditional gift for the 12th Wedding Anniversary. Send this to your significant other to celebrate 12 fantastic years together!
Ivory 14th Wedding Anniversary Card
Ivory is the traditional gift for the 14th Wedding Anniversary. This elephants in love themed anniversary card is just perfect for the occasion!
Geode Crystal 15th Wedding Anniversary Card
Send this ge-ODE of love to your significant other on your 15th wedding anniversary!

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